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The Facts

Lice are the second most communicable disease in the world which continues to cause concern and frustration for parents, teachers and children. In Australia one in five primary age children are affected by head lice at any given time. Girls get head lice more often than boys due to the length of their hair and their type of play.

Finally Something Head Lice Aren't Resistant To!

The main reason head lice is an increasing problem is because research shows that 80% of head lice have been found to be resistant to pyrethoid chemicals which are commonly used in most delousing treatments in the market place.* That is why people are turning to natural remedies which are not only more effective but safer for the health of our kids.

There is one hair care range that not only prevents head lice effectively, but also eradicates the pest without using synthetic chemicals that lice have become resistant to, It is called eco.kid.

Eco.Kid is a range of Australian made hair care products which prevents and treats lice without using ineffective pyrethoid chemicals as their active ingredients. Eco.kid products are naturally derived and contain essential oils that are known to effect the nervous system of insects.

*British Medical Associated Journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.

remove head lice


Eco.kid products work differently to the earlier mentioned chemicals for a number of reasons. The use of essential oils that are known to effect the nervous system of insects are abundant in eco.kid products, however they are also combined with different essential oils which have high solvent qualities which attack the insects outer lipase (oily) protective coasting. This combination of oils challenges the insect's natural ability to resist water, conditioners, waxes etc and there is an abundance of insecticidal essential oils in the eco.kid range. This combination of oils presents a more lethal combination than insecticidal chemicals alone.

Head lice have a highly developed sense of smell! This is most evident when the eco.kid Lice Bomb is used at the nape of the neck causing the head lice to move towards the forehead in order to escape the fumes. These fumes are also present in the Leave-in Tonic and Bubbalicious hair wax, thereby acting as an insect repellent throughout the day.


We see head lice in much the same way as we view any other communicable disease in our community...Prevention is Better than Cure!

Rather than continuously asking parents to treat their children of head lice and nits only to have to deal with the problem again, we hope you can see the benefits of protecting the kids from the start and never having to deal with head lice again!


  • Prevent Sensitive Shampoo
  • Nourish Hydrating Conditioner
  • Daily Leave-In Conditioner
  • Bubbalicious Protection Styling Paste
  • Lice Bomb, 100% pure essential oil treatment that attacks head lice and their eggs.

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